Baltimore Aesthetics, Health & Wellness has launched a comprehensive weight loss/management program just for you!


Weight Management with a Personal Touch


Welcome to our weight management program! Here at Baltimore Aesthetics Health & Wellness, we provide comprehensive nutritional counseling and personal attention, as we guide you through this journey.

We understand that weight management is so much more than losing weight, it is achieving a healthy weight, and maintaining it. Not for the short term, but for a lifetime.

This weight management program was born out of necessity. Dr. Martin-Jones, a board-certified Family Medicine Physician, already with a thriving practice, has been helping patients with the challenges of weight loss for nearly twenty-five years, and is familiar with the obstacles that they face. Unfortunately, although effective medications exist, for many they are out of reach secondary to supply chain issues or cost.

In cases of medication supply shortages, sterile compounding pharmacies are legally able to prepare them. We partner with an accredited sterile compounding pharmacy to safely obtain your medication.

We now recognize that the condition of obesity is a chronic disease. The treatment is more complex than just advising a patient to eat less and exercise more. There are hormonal and physiologic influences which affect cravings and overeating. There are also emotional reasons why we eat when we are not hungry. Weight management is a multifactorial!

This is why, here at Baltimore Aesthetics, Health & Wellness, we are using the tools currently available to help you to achieve your health goals. Let’s be clear, there is no magic here. No modality alone will help you to achieve weight loss, and more importantly, maintenance of weight loss.

Here at Baltimore, Aesthetics, Health & Wellness, you will receive a health check to determine which plan is right for you. You will receive comprehensive meal planning guidance. We are also prescribing weight loss medication including:


  • Semaglutide/B12 (subcutaneous weekly injection)


  • Tirzepatide (subcutaneous weekly injection)

Phentermine, Qsymia or Contrave may also be prescribed.

Please be advised that the Weight Management Program does not accept insurance.

The prescribed GLP-1 and GIP/GLP-1 medications are also not covered by insurance.

A prescription for Phentermine, Qsymia or Contrave may be covered by your insurance.

The costs of these medications are in addition to the cost of the program.

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